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Silicon Run I, 2nd Edition

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SILICON RUN I uses live industrial footage to show the many processes necessary to manufacture microchips, including crystal growth, circuit design, and the wafer fabrication process for CMOS technology. Using close-ups of manufacturing processes and device animation, SILICON RUN I provides a clear overview of front-end semiconductor manufacturing. It is an ideal training tool for college students and industry professionals at all levels.

Running time: 40 minutes.

"Excellent – this video is the best in its class. I recommend it often."

Lynn Fuller, Microelectronics Engineering Rochester Institute of Technology

"I've spent the majority of my career working at various semiconductor companies on design and test issues, but I’ve never had the opportunity to observe and understand the details of fab processing until I watched SILICON RUN I."

Guy Perry, President, Soft Test, Inc.

Partially funded by the National Science Foundation, Intel Foundation, Applied Materials, Lam Research, Mattson Technology, Siltec Silicon, and SEMI.

Silicon Run I Topic Summary
  • Time Lapse Silicon Crystal Growth
  • Wafer Processing
  • Design Tools
  • CAD/CAE Design
  • Design Specialist
  • Circuit Design and Layout
  • Clean Room Procedure
  • Mask Fabrication
  • CMOS Transistors
  • Device Animation
  • IC Manufacturing Process

This DVD Now Comes with an Online Quiz

In collaboration with Silicon Run Productions, Fairchild Semiconductor has created a series of online quizzes, each tailored to a specific SRP DVD.

Each quiz includes footage from our DVDs and is an excellent way for students or trainees to test themselves on how much they know about the processes of semiconductor manufacturing.

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