Semiconductor and Technology Videos

The Award Winning
Silicon Run Productions

Silicon Run Productions produces exceptional educational videos available on DVD and through digital streaming. Two videos showcase the new fields of nanotechnology and MEMS; while the seven-part Silicon Run Series features semiconductor and computer manufacturing. Each video includes rarely seen live industrial footage and explores technical processes using vivid animations and graphics.

"If an Oscar could be given for video representation for microelectronic processing, the Silicon Run Series by Ruth Carranza would be the top winner!"

ATL Training Department, Northrop Grumman
Silicon Run DVD set
The World Beyond Micro
Making Micro Machines
Front-end manufacturing from crystal growth through integrated circuit fabrication.
Fabricated wafer through testing, packaging, and computer manufacturing.
Silicon Run I and II overview - for the less technical audience.
In-depth look at thin film deposition.
In-depth look at photolithography.
In-depth look at etch and chemical mechanical planarization.
In-depth look at ion implantation.